Bread Factory

Location: Toronto, CAStatus: BuiltTimeline: 2014-2018Area: 11,500 m2Type: Adaptive Reuse
Project with Rolf Seifert Architect

Located in Liberty Village, Toronto, the site in question held a collection of industrial structures built from 1900-1976, most recently used for the large-scale production of bread.

The patchwork of buildings now sat unused, and could have been demolished. But the owners, wanting to explore the possibility of adaptive reuse, staged an architectural competition.

Seifert was chosen to the lead the project based on a vision that extended across several adjoining properties owned by the same stakeholders.

This overarching proposal - spanning five industrial blocks - combined elements of master planning, urban design, and architecture. The design gave special consideration to future transit infrastructure along the nearby rail corridor.

The Bread Factory now functions largely as offices for film production. In keeping with our neighbourhood plan, the redesign includes a public circulation & event space, known as the Avenue.

Worked closely with the principal across all project phases including preliminary design & visualization, permit drawings, construction documents, construction management, consultant coordiation, and photographic documentation throughout the process.
Client: York Heritage / AdgarPhotography: AJW * Michel Caron

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